Diversity as a source of competitive advantage

We see our management approach as distinctive and a source of competitive advantage. At the heart of this approach is embracing a diversity of backgrounds, experience and knowledge; where contrarian perspectives are encouraged. It drives more robust analysis, debate and decision making, directly increasing our chances of making better investment decisions.

At Triple Flag, everyone has equal opportunity for career progression and compensation regardless of gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious or political affiliation. At a glance, you’ll see the visual manifestation of our management team and board diversity in dimensions like meaningful gender and minority representation. Currently, 29% of board members and 40% of independent directors are female, including 66% of our Chair positions of the Board and Committees. Across our team, 31% are members of visible minorities, and 31% are female (including 29% at the senior management level). We are working to further cultivate this strength by explicitly considering diversity within our Board competency matrix and our recruitment and retention processes as we continue to build a team that values diversity and demonstrates ESG knowledge and awareness.